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December 09, 2014



This looks like an interesting tool, where can you download it (Purchase or try)? I was searching on Graitec´s web site but I did not find it there.
Also is there going to be a similar software for steel structures?.


If the computer itself or software has "intuitive modelling", they why do we need people? I do not see the precision of BIM ever being exactly correct reflection of nature. But, close in the generic genetics modified realms by natural life itself. We are are doing is leaving a footprint for future generations to follow. If we do not put actual intelligence behind the thought, from personal experience in of any form then, we might as well just fill those footprints with swamp water for our future generates to bathe in.
My advice is over build the design now,do not build to edge of limits of what we as a collect have come to know...For my fathers worked in of the dirt. While I see children being afraid of it.

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