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October 09, 2012



This looks great. Much better then the previous version. I'm a bit confused by the branding of the ios apps.

I can see the samples just fine. I have models up on 360 that I can see with the other ios app. Why can't I see those uploaded models here? How do I get my 'stuff' into Glue? Sorry I'm confused here.


To answer my own question its a paid for service. Boy is that information tough to find. It would be nice if it was noted with a link or something somewhere. Perhaps a blog post? Oh wait. hi there! :)

Thanks guys.



I agree with sage the paid service is information is really hard to find anywhere. Even when I try contacting the request for information on the AutoDesk 360 Glue web page. Hmmm... makes me wonder if they're still working the bugs out??

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