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August 20, 2009



And now please try to make a drawing of this reinforcement.
Can you send it to ASD?
I can not.
If not what is the point of creating reinforcement that is not compatible with other reinforcment created with extensions?

Same as previous version.

Please , before adding new features, try to fix the old ones.

Eric Wang

Could you please pinpoint exactly where in Subscription Center the download link is located? I couldn't find it. What's the exact name of this extension?

Alexandra Arnold

Hello, Eric -- You can find this extension in the "Product Downloads/Product Add-Ons" portion of the sub center. I am not 100% sure whether this is in the entry called "Revit Extensions for Autodesk Revit Structure 2010" or "Robot Extensions for Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis 2010." (Though I suspect the first). Do you see either entry? If not, please email me and I can give you an internal workaround.

Eric Wang

Alexandra: Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I saw both links you mentioned in the Sub. Center. I'm going to download both of them. Thank you!

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I like the way that the constructors make the basement.

tinggi badan

After you select an RC structure element and launch the Extension, the Reinforcement design dialog displays where you can define: reinforcement design code and steel grade for longitudinal and transversal reinforcement.


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