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January 12, 2009



Link http://www.autodesk.com/subscription:
does not work for me.
"The Page You Were Looking for Was Not Found"


Any chance that ASD tools will appear on Ribbon someday?
I use ribbon , so when i switch to ASD i get toolbars, and cui is locked , can not make it to Ribbon.


Could there be a content where rebar shape is not by numbers but by letters?
In Estonia we use A (straight bar), U (stirrup)and etc.
Could I then add this to rebar description?
For example: A01 T12 L=1200 (shape A, pos 01, diamter12 , length 1200).


check this: www.lonelyengineer.com


thank you


Dear sir,

I want the trail version of adds on software for structural steel and RCC documentation for detailing work.. please send that trail pack of that software

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