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August 13, 2008


Amin Ghali

Dear Nicolas, I have tried it and it works great when generating reinforcement from the extension, but sometimes i edit the reinforcement in Revit after generating them, when i send to ASD, it doesn't send the modification. any help on that ? thanks


This is brilliant,
Any plans to add New Zealand Codes to ASD?
I've managed to create a reinforcing bar database to NZS 3101:2006 (New Zealand Standard), however I haven’t worked out (yet) how to add the RC Design and Reinforcement (drawings) Codes. Any help on these would be greatly appreciated,

I can email you the NZS 3101 if you like.


Steve B

Very interesting process option! Makes a lot of sense.


This workflow would produce a alot of different drawings in both Revit and AutoCAD Assuming the same process will be used for the steel connections. Is there any plans to integrate the drawings in some format so we can update off each other rather then having alot of AutoCAD files linked into our Revit models if we wish to document the details or keep them in Revit for printing purposes?? If each Beam is one CAD drawing we will end up with alot of CAD drawings? Same to be said for Steel Detailing.


thx for this efort to improve our work


مجهود رائع للارتقاء بمستوي المهندسين




شكر جزيلا

Nuno Geirnhas

hi, I am working with the ASD and Revit 2011 and I want to change the scale of the imported column, The scale are always 1:20, and when I imported de column, the rebar doesn't apears in ASD.

Melpert Dean

How do you integrate between the two softwares if you don't have the revit extension?

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