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May 12, 2008



Just thought I'ld let everyone know that you can build your own 3D printer, check out http://reprap.org/bin/view/Main/WebHome



I went to the above website and downloaded the STL Exporter. Loaded on Revit Structure 2009. It saved the file.

In the read me file its is asking to used the STL viewer to check for error. Where can I find the viewer.


David Harrington

This is a cool feature but wanted to warn people. Model objects are drawn to scale in Revit, a web that is 3/8" thick is really that size. Therefore adjust may need to be made to the model and/or the 3D printer to embellish the model objects to be thicker so that they can support themselves and other objects. Printer a model with paper thin volumes won't live long in the real, gravity bearing world.

Scott Sheppard


With regard to STL viewers, actually there are several available for download from the internet:






Scott Sheppard

Anthony pointed out that you can build your own printer. How would you like to use your own building information model to "eat yourself out of house and home?" See


for humor.

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