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May 06, 2008


Autocad designer

Well, GL with this. And, where can we get ASD? I'm not familiar with it. And I guess I'll be checking this blog out once in a while for the updates :)

Fernando Oliveira

Could anybody help me,
how can i activate ASD?
I install the 3 aplications DVD, activate AutoCAD and Revit, but the conection to to ASD don't work, i think that it needs any kind of activation key, or something like that.

Tom Parks

What are the plans to add imperial units to the program?


but what exactly is Revit? and how can it help me when I am modeling?


Are there plans to enable a 64-Bit version?
(unable to install at present)



Hi, i'm waiting for upgrade DVD version revit 2009 from singapore. I heart from a staff of Autodesk office in Vietnam, ASD will free and it's a extension but reseller talk with me, i must buy it. I don't know, you can complain ?


I am currently testing ASD & comparing it to Prosteel, I will provide feedback or a report if anyone wants it.


I'd like to hear your comments. We've used ProSteel, XSteel and we're using Asteel now. We've had trouble with programs that are written for metric and internally convert to imperial.


For those who would like to become a beta tester of Autodesk Structural Detailing with Imperial Units, please send an email to wai.chu@autodesk.com




I would like to test the ASD Steel Module.
Can it be Shared with Autodesk Inventor Frame generator.
This should also be included in the Autodesk Inventor Suite.
I need more information on the licensing & and purchase od ASD Steel Module?
Where can I get a trial version?
I have seen all the movies at below link:


I have finished the comparison report, this is the summary from it.
Please note this report is based on our company requirements and may not reflect other standards.
Modelling was a relatively straight process, unlike PS3D there aren’t as many setting to contend with when inserting steel shape, which has both positive and negatives aspects.
I find PS3D has too many option for most modelling process, at the same time ASD would benefit from some of these options.
Some connections features in ASD appeared to be easier to use then its counter part in PS3D, but secondary editing of components with in each connection easier in PS3D.
Connection editing was much better in ASD, having the circular markers made easy to select the connection and access it editing properties, unlike PS3D were users have to cycle through loglinks or select the correct object just access the connection properties.
I found the stair function in ASD to more user friendly then in PS3D, it utilises the workpoints selected by the user.
I was disappointed by the handrails in ASD, it lacked flexibility in setting out the stanchions, it wasn’t capable of creating side offset (bent stanchions).

Drawing generation.
The grouping & positioning facilities in ASD are reasonably user friendly, but not as complex as PS3D
Actual detail drawing production in ASD was easier; I found that I could produce reasonable detail relative quickly with minimal configuration.
Regardless this is one area that would require more investigation as I had trouble getting the view to align during Automatic Drawing Generation.
I did notice that ASD was much quicker in producing the details.

During this comparison I investigated the possibility of customisation through VB/A or LISP, whilst I could not locate any information on the internet and had no reply from Autodesk (via the Robobat website), I concluded that it should be possible to automate/ customise ASD via VB/A.

I found ASD to quite a capable product, even though it lacks some of the features and options of PS3D, which I believe is due to it being a globally generic product.

Mohammad Torki

I have imported a DWG file from Revit Structure to CAD Structural Detailing 2009, but I can not add any thing to this model, i.e. create any connections between beams and columns because none of the imported elements are known as structural elements.How can I solve that problem?

Mohammad Torki

I have imported a dwg file from Revit Structure into CAD structural detailing; but none of the imported elements are known as structural elements. Thus, I can not create any beam-column connections,etc.


hi all,


detailing RC members to BS or RSA standards

I have had the opportunity of comparing ASD RC module with the more traditional RC detailing packages. Im of the opinion that ASD RC module has a long way to go in terms of being able to easily produce RC drawings. eg we normally use ubars on the edges of slabs ASD does not allow us to do this. this is just one example. also when bms are detailed in elevation a detailer needs the flexibility to be able to use and shape code not just straight bars. the programmers need to talk to DETAILERS not ENGINEERS b4 they release software.

this is a very good prog. congrats guys. u got this one right. we just need more macros.

this reminds me of Advance Concrete. it is also a fantastic prog. but guys in the ideal world this module shd be merged with the RC module. one shd be able detail members in 3d just by clicking on a member like a beam. the guys at Tekla have tried to do this with precast members. it is time RC detailers were able to detail 100% in 3d just like Steelwork Detailers do with Strucad or Tekla Structures. come on guys talk to us not the engineers.



Hi hello, I´m new to revit and just wanted to know since I do need a user defined column... do I have to create it in 2d and then link it to a family ... I do ask you guys this cause there is no literature regarding revit at all...and I´ve been looking for many many hours either on the internet or at libraries...

Thanks in advance

khalil KARAM

Hello there,

If anybody can help me with the ASD Formwork:

1- How can i define a (horizontal) slab with variable thickness? example:starting at 20cm at ending at 17cm

2- Is there a way to create parapets with ASD formwork? I was thinking of creating a wall of short height?

Thanks in advance


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Jack smith

Any feedback on RGS-REBAR? www.rgsrebar.com
Jack smith


yes is a state of art rebar detailing software developed in India. for more details call 919841052292.


rgs rebar is available for free. it has IBM bar marking feature which is required for USA Market.

jack smith

Thanks Biju,I downaloaded the software and it works.Good product to do high quality detailing.
Does your company sell it in U.S?

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