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May 31, 2007



This is huge. Now maybe we can get native clash detection between Revit & Tekla Structures models without having to export to DGN and losing all the propertie info....

Donald Spring

I have been using Navisworks Jetstream for real time walkthough visualization of large models generated from prior versions (before 2008) of Revit. Revit parameters show up in the properties window under tabs matching the dwf headers as seen in the dwf file (Very Nice). Using these properties with the filters feature of NW opens the door to lots of possibilities.

Even though NW supports a direct export feature from Revit I have found that exporting a 3D dwf and opening the dwf in NW works best. The main difference betwee the two is the GUID property survives the dwf route but does not show up in the direct export route.

Now, for the not so good news, I have found that a 3D dwf published from the 2008 series of Revit products does not open in NW with a well structured selection tree nor preserve the properties (parameters) for objects. On the surface this appears to be a NW issue. I have brought this to NW attention and am mentioning it here since they will soon be part of AutoDesk.

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