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April 23, 2007


Amin Ghali

They look great, thanks a lot. about the wish list, there is a wish that i hope you can add in the future. I am working on a project which was modeled in one revit file (no links) it is 6 concrete towers (25 stories each) on one base, and i am dealing with almost 1000 different column sections, i used shared parameters to add more info to the columns so i can manage them. what i needed was a tool on which i can select based on a shared parameter, example: i have shared parameter showing grade of concrete, and i want to select only columns with grade 60Mpa. it would be helpful as i have 12 shared parameters for the structure columns family alone (part,rft,grade,cut,stirrups...)

Mike Kaiser

Thanks for the preview. I just learned Structure 4 last week, will I need to re-learn or is the set-up and functionality pretty close?


Is it possible to convert revit structure 2008 file to revit structure 4? How it is to be done ? Can I do it using API?


hey guys little problem just like the one above....Can I convert revit 2008 files into revit 2007 files?

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