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November 10, 2010



With all due respect, it seems strange to me that Autodesk put resources towards this analysis package. Did they feel that there was a hole that needed to be filled in composite steel design?

The Revit Ranger

By now we should be able to produce a pile schedule with Eastings, Northings and cut off levels without waiting for a free bolt on from a reseller. Please work on stuff that helps everyone in the world not just the users in one particular country.

Dale Smith

I didnt know about the availability of this utility until I saw the blog posting. I'm trying to get the Engineers in our company more interested in BIM and since I downloaded the product they have shown a lot more interest using Revit. I had previously tried to exchange my Revit files with our design packages but didnt have great results - with this product everything is "native Revit" and therefore dynamically updated in Revit Structure without the need for external design products.

Clint Rowley

The steel floor system design sounds really ingenous, and definitely heavy duty.

bathroom vanities

The integration of this analysis and code checking capability inside Revit Structure enables structural engineers and designers the ability to perform analysis and make code check centric decisions earlier in the design process.

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